2019 Winners

2019 Mountain Film Festival Winners

Grand Jury Prize

Tree Line directed by Emily Grant

Jury Prize

Disko directed by Dominic Joyce

Best Action Sports Film

Every Few Winters directed by Matt Pycroft, Ryan Goff

Best Documentary Feature

My Beautiful Stutter directed by Ryan Gielen

Best Animation

Game Changer directed by Aviv Mano

Best Documentary Short

Abandoned directed by Lionello DelPiccolo, Grant Robbins, Sara Robbins

Best Feature Film

Brazilian Line directed by Rob Johnson & Alastair Lee

Best Environmental Feature

VIA ALPINA - Beyond the trail directed by Chambaud Mattieu

Best Environmental Short

Carried Away: A Porter's Story directed by Olly Pemberton

Best TV Pilot

Vashon directed by Curtis Fulton

Best Director

Beyond Roads directed by Simon Donato, Gemita Samarra

Best Actor

Roman Ring directed by Miguel Chavez in The Saver

Best Music Video

When We Were Water directed by Rozanne Gewaar

Best Short Film

Stirb Langsam directed by Simon Platzer & Jakob Schweighofer

Best Student Film

Skiing before I could walk! directed by Matt Masson

Best Mountain Film

The Movie to Keep Squaw True directed by Scott Gaffney & Robb Gaffney

Best Foreign Film

Kannizzati Fishing directed by Maurice Micallef

Best Documentary Director

Fine Lines directed by Dina Khreino

2019 Sir Edmund Hillary Award Winners Action Sports Competition

Searching for Gold directed by Johannes Hoffmann
MINYA KONKA aka my nerves directed by Jan Hajdelak Husták
Above the big Island - SearchProjects in Madagascar directed by Benoit Delfosse
Shades of Winter CONNECTS directed by Sandra Lahnsteiner
The Art of Living directed by Steve Rokks
Beyond the Peaks directed by Shams
Ice & Palms directed by Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck & El Flamingo Films
Now or never directed by Simon Platzer & Jakob Schweighofer
Shadow of a Doubt directed by Jonas Hollingworth
Blood on the Crack directed by Heather Mosher

Documentary Competition

Timmelsjoch - Wenn Borders Connect directed by Philipp J. Pamer
TO BE directed by Pep Cuberas Esgleas
109 Hours directed by Dimo Petkov
Finding The Line directed by Bjarne Salén
Plan C -14 II directed by Nico Muñoz & Anselmo Estrada
Desert Coffee directed by Mikael Lypinski
Runners directed by Łukasz Borowski
Shred America directed by Arthur Swidzinski
Transamazonica directed by Peiman Zekavat
WILDER THAN WILD: Fire, Forests, and the Future directed by Kevin White
a land shaped by women directed by Anne-Flore Marxer

Student Film Competition

Life on a Thread directed by Matt Melling
The Date directed by Ryan Welink

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Araucaria Araucana directed by Rémi Rappe & Santiago Serrano
Nature of Brasov directed by Cosmin Dumitrache
Women's skimo project opus Iceland directed by Tanya NAVILLE & Léo WATTEBLED
Mine directed by Sasha Chudacoff
Silent Notes directed by Dawn Brown

Short Film Competition

The Chet Watters Chronicles directed by Philip Huffeldt
OCCUPIED directed by Ella May Sahlman
The Prisoner directed by Jon Bostic
Mountain People directed by Sascha Taylor Larsen

Feature Film Competition

Chasing Sebastian - One Boy's Ultra Running Odyssey directed by Jeff Zahn
In a Land Far Away (Angu Doore oru Desathu) directed by Joshy Mathew

Foreign Film Competition

Altaitude directed by Dominique Snyers

Music Video Competition

Freedom Fighter directed by Ben Phillippo
Bully directed by Gleeson Rebello

Tv Pilot Competition

Nothing But directed by Katrina Lena

Screenplay Competition

PROJECT 9 written by Matthew Noble
Lost Connection written by Amina Haqq
Career Move written by Jim Norman
Tim Versus the Bureaucracy written by Paul Herbig
The Last Ride written by Fabian Martin
Darling Island written by Paul Herbig
The Road to Matanzas written by Christopher Helton
The Good Fight written by Richard Geiwitz
Tangled Web written by Robert M Callahan

2019 Sierra Nevada Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

Mount Huntington directed by Benjamín Soto Ferraris & Cristobal de Alba de la Peña
The Condor's Track directed by Martin Beaujouan
Maewan, freeride aux Kuriles directed by Bertrand Delapierre
The Great Indian TAMASHA directed by Prashant Bhatt
The Spirit Of Flatness directed by Paweł Jaworski
150 Hours directed by Zhang Miao
Outside The Labyrinth directed by Shivam Aher
No Quarter directed by Kevin Landry, Max Berkowitz
Balkan Express directed by Antonin Michaud-soret
Redemption directed by Ray and Alicia Alba & Alicia Alba

Documentary Competition

The AT Experience directed by Andrew Forestell
Maewan, Freeride in the Kurils directed by Bertrand Delapierre
Black Sheep Ivory directed by Joseph Haldeman
Mountain:Life at the Extreme - Rockies directed by Steve Greenwood
Kingdom of Manaslu directed by Fabien Lemaire
Rtioma directed by Ruby Yang
Reclaimed by the Forest:Lanshan Station directed by Wen-ru Yen
Mulanje directed by Garth Kingwill
CERRO TORRE climbin' in the wind directed by Lamantia Tommaso & Angelo Poli
Río Sagrado directed by Nicole Ellena & Erick Vigouroux
Oliver Jeffers directed by Bas Berkhout
Feel of Vision directed by Tucker Gragg, Austin Gardner

Student Film Competition

Exit directed by Matt Bilmes
For Abbey directed by Lucas Brown

Mountain / Environmental Competition

The Call of Pashmina directed by Taira Malaney
An Unnatural Wonder directed by David Wallace & Michael Chow
The Old Spanish Trail directed by Benedicte Schoyen
Aralar, The Land Where The World Has A Place directed by Iban Toledo Ibañez
A Shepherd's Journey directed by Saravana Kumar

Short Film Competition

Beautiful Idiot directed by Harrison Mendel & Robb Thompson
Black Gold directed by Aaron Huggett
Spirit of the Mountains directed by Nurmat Sakebaev
KINDRED directed by Zoya Lynch

Feature Film Competition

A Chance of Snow directed by James Christopher
Far Out directed by Todd Jones , Steve Jones & Blake Campbell

Music Video Competition

ADAM directed by Francesca Zanni

Tv Pilot Competition

Adventures in Science - How caribou survive frigid Arctic winters directed by Ryan Vachon, Daniel Zietlow

Screenplay Competition

SADIE SASQUASH - "The other half of the story." written by Frank Vespe
The Lost Russian Mine written by Gunnar E Garrett Jr., Bryan Cantrell
The Door written by Robert Leo Cox
Marry Me, Later Maybe written by Jim Norman
The God Particle -' RESURRECTION'written by Tom Rico
Until The End of the Ninth written by Beth Bollinger
The Old Bug written by Bill Labonia

2019 Seven Summits Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

BREATH directed by Ulises Fierro
Free Falling directed by Katie Cook
Shades of Winter COUPLES directed by Sandra Lahnsteiner
Cycle Trails 030 - Lusatian Mountains directed by Marek Tichý
Pas à Pas directed by Lachaud Marie
Resilience directed by Ray and Alicia Alba *& Alicia Alba
The Sky Piercer directed by Jason Hancox
We are the ROvers, NORWAY directed by Antonin Michaud-soret
A Time To Remember directed by Ben Page & James Hamer
Aaron Durogati- Playing With the Invisible directed by Matteo Vettorel, Damiano Levati
Bawli Booch directed by Anuj Khurana

Documentary Competition

Dirt Rich directed by Marcelina Cravat
Objectif Sauvage directed by Cedrik Strahm, Martin Ureta & Joshua Preiswerk
Safety to Nome directed by Jonathan Hunwick & Kenton Gilchrist
Kancha Sherpa directed by Morten Sangpo Borik
Wolves Unleashed - Against All Odds directed by Andrew Simpson
The Wild Andes directed by Christian Baumeister
Women Of The White Buffalo directed by Deborah Anderson
MANRY AT SEA ~ In the Wake of a Dream directed by Steve Wystrach
Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Story directed by Tim Shephard
General Magic directed by Sarah Kerruish, Matt Maude
Home directed by Morgan Mackay & Walker Mackey
Aconcagua directed by James Smith

Student Film Competition

I Speak for the Trees directed by Nathan Ginter
Sacred Valley Sacred Rock directed by Sean McElhosef

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Follow the Wind directed by Bob van de Gronde
Where are the Stars? directed by Muhammad Asif Islam
Place of The Gaels directed by Dan T
Shifting Sands directed by Matt Pycroft
Mountain, Priest, Son directed by John Seddon & Vaibhav Kaul
STRUCTURES - A Ski Track In The Cultural Landscape directed by Hanno Mackowitz

Short Film Competition

Quiet Hours directed by Paul Szynol
South London's Greatest Mountaineer directed by Andrew Bone
Sound of Silence - Born severely deaf directed by Philippe Woodtli
ELEMENTAL directed by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Space to Explore directed by Katherine DuBois

Feature Film Competition

All Who Dare directed by Kiera Faye

Music Video Competition

Attic - The Hound of Heaven directed by Robert Piel
ICE PARK directed by Barry Stevenson

Screenplay Competition

Hunting Bears written by Ryan Munnelly
The HIDDEN VALLEY written by Michael Mortimer
Take The Shot written by Jim Norman
Merry Mushy Christmas written by Kris Bauske
The Camp of God's Tears written by Marilyn lee
Rogue's Coward written by Robert J. Rogers

2019 Screenplay Competition Winners Grand Prize Winners Feature

1st God Is Not Purple written by Matt Pacini
2nd Rushing Witness written by Tuvia Solomon
3rd Thigh Gap written by Nella Citino

Grand Prize Winners Short

1st Far From The Castle written by Julia Jansch
2nd Leaving Malcolm written by Annemarie Bettica
3rd The Last Fad written by Pamela Nash

Grand Prize Television Pilot

1st Significant Other Pilot: Incorporation written by Justin Mackey
2nd Gravestown written by Conor Waldron