2016 Winners

2016 Mountain Film Festival Winners

Grand Jury Prize

Winter Project directed by Kyle Aramburo

Jury Prize

Operation Moffat directed by Claire Carter, Jen Randall

Best Action Sports Film

The Perfect Man directed by Kasper Kiertzner 

Best Documentary Feature

One Hundred Mules Walking The Los Angeles Aqueduct directed by Bruce Dickson

Best Animation

Wildless directed by Kev McCrae & Jonny Harris

Best Documentary Short

Into The Unknown directed by Matt Pain

Best Feature Film

Harvest directed by S. Cagney Gentry

Best Environmental Feature 

GOSHEN directed by Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz

Best Environmental Short

Co2ld Waters  directed by Jeremy Roberts

Best TV Pilot

Life On Mars directed by Brandon Baer 

Best Director

Let's Play Ghost directed by Damien Dematra

Best Actor

Florin Marksteiner in Daugher of a King directed by Matthew R. Marshall

Best Actress

Debra Van Gaalen in Daughter of a King directed by Matthew R. Marshall

Best Music Video

Seen By My Eyes, Hong Kong directed by Francis So

Best Short Film

Two Roads directed by Christine Chen & Adam Duncan

Best Student Film

Kids Who Jump Off Bridges directed by Zoe Neary

Best Mountain Film

The Forecaster: A Message From The Backcountry directed by Greg Hackett & Alex Hamlin

Best Foreign Film

Oridevudoy directed by Sriram Vegaraju

Best Documentary Director

Matterhorn, The Birdwoman's Dream directed by Rinaldo Marasco & Jérôme Piguet


2016 Sir Edmund Hillary Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

Sugar Mountain directed by Richard James

Peeled Faces on the Amazon - The Story of the Amazon Express directed by West Hansen

The Great Shark Hunt directed by Filippo Salvioni

Documentary Competition

Goldlust directed by Neil Hollander

Whiteout directed by Rafael Duarte

Blood On The Coal directed by Jeff Bird

Overburden directed by Chad A. Stevens

First Ascent- Kuyang Chhish East directed by Matteo Vettorel

USA Project directed by Miguel Herrero Herrero

I Lost my Dream directed by Stefan Hunt

Animation Competition

September Sketch Book directed by Ronnie Cramer

The Distant Touch directed by jun chen, Yang Yang

Student Film Competition

Sir Knight of Nothing directed by Georden Whitman

The Sugar Bug directed by Will Hanley

Gone Into the Clearing directed by Meredith Veach

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Run Free - The True Story of Caballo Blanco directed by Sterling Noren

The Vision Within directed by Michael O. Snyder

Short Film Competition

PRINCESS directed by Vito D'Agostino

An Inconvenient Ruth directed by J. Samuel Ryan

Women in Adventure - Kate Worthington directed by Rob Johnson

Feature Film Competition

A Wheel Out Of Kilter directed by Ross Morin

Agnus Dei directed by Agim Sopi

Foreign Film Competition

Maskoun directed by Krystle Houiess, Sharif Abdunnur

Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love directed by Matt Dworzanczyk

2016 Sierra Nevada Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

spurbar[the fascination] directed by Daniel Falk

Slacker directed by Inci Arici & Lech Wojas

Documentary Competition

The Ratu River Expedition directed by Isaac Kerlow

No Permission Needed directed by Christian Schultz 

Planet Ice - The Himalayas, the abode of snows directed by Yanick Rose

What's Going On with Wolves? directed by Eric Simon

Chimborazo directed by Alexandre Dertkigila

Dirty South Bounders directed by 

The Rediscovered Valley directed by Erica Liffredo

Student Film Competition

To Live Forever directed by Jennifer Dean

Shoreline directed by Yalitsa Riden

#3C directed by Mischa Auzins

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Defendant 5 directed by Heidi Lee Douglas

Ceolchuairt Mongolia directed by Paddy Hayes

Zero Zero directed by Tristan Seniuk

The Storm Downstream directed by Jesseca Simmons

Short Film Competition

The Eve directed by Luca Machnich

Land of Kings  directed by Wayne Wilson , Bhavani Lee

Feature Film Competition

From Seoul To Jakarta directed by Damien Dematra

Quad X: Rise of the Beaver Slayer directed by James Christopher

2016 Seven Summits Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

When the mountains were wild directed by Johannes Hoffmann

Dog Days Of Winter directed by Brian Gilmore

Documentary Competition

Northern Grease directed by Erica Liffredo

One Simple Question directed by Derek Rowe 

Beyond Glory directed by Larry Brand Derek Alan Rowe

Behind the Emerald Curtain directed by Shane Anderson

Trailblazers: The Story of Ring the Peak directed by Steve Bremner

The Discovery of Santos directed by Ralph Isenberg

Ben Jackson, Never Finished directed by Shawn Corrigan & Steve Boyle

Mountain / Environmental Competition

A Simple Machine: The Life and Death of The La Grave Cablecar directed by Greg Hackett, Alex Hamlin

Extraordinary People directed by Orhan Tekeoglu

One Seven Eight: One Swede's Quest To Ski Every Peak in Jamtland directed by Greg Hackett, Alex Hamlin


2016 Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winners Feature 

Northern Lights written by Tom Rico

1st  Love written by Bill Redding

2nd  Letters from Thurgood written by Robert Redmond

3rd  The Connect written by Katherine Sainz

Honorable Mentions

Loveband written by Nicola Pedrozzi

Troublesome Creek written by Wesley Mullins

The First Real Halloween written by Ron Riekki

The Cold Alone written by Lance Ochsner

Finding Jane written by Virgina Shaffer

The Key for Hope written by Federico Ferrero

Shoot if you Can written by Sandy Brown

Crime town written by Nico Tatalovic

Good Behavior written by R M Brockman

Grand Prize Winners Short 

Gone into the Clearing written by Brad Riddell 

1st An Inconvenient Ruth written by James Ryan

2nd Dakota Caves written by Robert Rogers

3rd Chomolungma written by Amin Shaikh

Grand Prize Television Pilot

Duncan, Upside Down written by Robert Shill

1st Quarry written by Aisling Corristine 

2nd From Schmear To Eternity written by Jim Norman

3rd Two emperors 110116 written by Paul Gross