2013 Winners

Grand Jury Prize
White Silk Road: Snowboarding in Afghanistan
Directed By Richard James
Documents the pioneering of snowboarding in Afghanistan. Australian riders Clint Allen, Mitch Allen and Nick Gregory make a once in a lifetime journey to ride untouched mountains in one of the most remote and dangerous parts of the world.
Jury Prize
The Tal Qadi Stone
Directed By Chris and Maurice Micallef
It seems to read the heavens, the heavens as interpreted by our forefathers. Our forefathers who left us a priceless heritage.
Jury Prize
Naturs Invitation
Directed By Brandy Yanchyk
A film about Canada's quest to get immigrants in touch with Nature. It explores the consequences of a life devoid of nature.
Jury Prize
A Dark Cloud on Top of the World
Directed By Agnes Moreau
After the discovery of an enormous cloud of pollution over the Indian Ocean, for the first time a Franco-Italian team revealed surprising levels of soot particle concentration is an area as unspoiled as the highest Himalayan summits
Jury Prize
The White Line: A film about a Snowboarder
Directed By Ismar Badzic
Film makers Ismar Badzic and George Simpson tell the story of Jake Cornish, still riding 5 years on from a serious accident in a Swiss avalanche where he broke both arms.
Best Action Sports Film
Naked Ambition
Directed By Joe Wiley and Oliver Fray
Stu and Ed are two young men with a dream; to smash the world record for rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. However their dreams turn into nightmares when the ocean fights back.
Best Cultural Documentary
Directed By Jade Ajani and David Meek
Janadhaa, which means "grassroots" is set in India's Garwhal Himalaya and explores the struggle for community-owned ecotourism and sustainable rural development within the Nanda Devi Biosphere.
Best Documentary
Bumming Colorado's Ski Country
Directed By Kent Gunnufson
Bumming Colorado's Ski Country is about following the dream of living, working, playing, and ski bumming in Colorado's mountain ski towns, and the stories of those who followed the dream, and how the path for that dream is disappearing for today's generation.
Best Documentary Short
Wy'east Shadows
Directed By David Saiget
Experience the sights and sounds of climbing Mt. Hood (11,245 ft) Oregin's highest point and the world's second most climbed glaciated peak.
Best Drama
Maybe Tomorrow
Directed By Julie Magruder
Tess struggles to face her mother dying of cancer. Her battle is paralleled through her music career at school. She must learn the hard way that nothing lasts forever. This is a story of love, fear and strength.
Best Short Film
Directed By Julie Magruder
Living in fear, its not living.
Best Documentary Director
The Mountain Runners
Directed By Todd Warger and Brian Young
A true story of America's first mountain adventure race in 1911. A race between a steam train and a Model T race car and runners against a 10,781 foot volcanic glacial peak. Many would start…few would finish.
Best Environmental
Evaporating Shorelines
Directed By Shirley Gorospe
Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation received a permit from the State of Utah to expand their industrial operations. 91,000 acres of shorelines, wetlands, and water on the Great Salt Lake are in jeopardy. Fifteen non-profit organizations have joined together to form Keep The Lake Great to protect these 91,000 acres.
Best Director
The Phoenicians
Directed By Chris and Maurice Michallef
The Phoenicians that created trade and commerce, commerce that built an empire that dared to challenge the Romans.
Best Screenplay
Written By Richard Rone
The 300 Spartans at the gates of Thermopyle stand against the Persian hordes as seen through the eyes of Drmophilus of the spartans.
Best Short Screenplay
The Undercard
Written By Sarah B. Downey
Dylan a young mother is forced back into a life of crime in order to find out information about the kidnapping of her son. She partners up with her old crew which leads her to an underworld of bare knuckle fights, mobsters, and ruckus. Dylan finds out that her husband hasn't been truthful, and a young detective informs her that she has the grandson of one of the most powerful west coast mobsters. A story of a woman chalking everything to the game.