2012 Winners

Grand Jury Prize
Marathon Boy
Directed By Gemma Atwal

Jury Prize
Action Sports Competition
The Story
Directed By Meagan Van Dyke


Jury Prize
Feature Film Competition
A Fine Line
Directed By Andrew Kornylak & Josh Fowler

Jury Prize
Mountain Film Competition
Directed By Skule Eriksen

Best Action Sports Film
Danny Macaskil: Industrial Revolutions
Directed By Stu Thomson

Best Animated Film
Budding Love
Directed By Michael Tse


Best Comedy
40 West
Directed By Dana Packard

Best Romantic Comedy
2 Scoops of Love
Directed By Rebecca Berrih

Best Cultural Documentary
One Revolution
Directed By Amanda Stoddard


Best First Time Director
The Spirit of the Pony Express
Directed By C.J. LongHammer

Best Documentary
Cast Alaska
Directed By Kevin Morris & Sean Morris

Best Documentary Short
Sacred Space - Searching for the Source
Directed By Carolyn Cobelo & Sophie Rousmaniere

Best Drama
2 Kings
Directed By Jon Alex

Best Educational Film
Mary and Bill
Directed By Andrew Napier


Best Environmental Documentary
Chasing Water
Directed By Peter McBride

Best Environmental Feature
Directed By Rustam Shoazimov

Best Environmental Short
The Waterfall
Directed By Peta Carey

Best Experimental Film
Directed By Clayton Haskell

Best Foreign Film
Queensbury Rules
Directed By William Scothern

Best Historical Film
Knocking on the Devil's Door
Directed By Gary Null & Valerie Van Cleve

Best Independent Film
Directed By Kevin Margo & Barrett Meeker

Best Mockumentary
Sixty in 60
Directed By Ronnie Cramer


Best Director
This Too Shall Pass
Directed By Marc Wiskemann


Best Music Video
House on Normandy
Directed By Marco Bottiglieri

Best Screenplay
The Urge
Directed By Brian Barnes

Best Short Film
Quirk of Fate
Directed By Marco J. Riedl


Best Student Film
Making Molehills Out Of Mountains
Directed By Max Greenwald

Best Thriller Film
Lost Woods
Directed By Nathan Ellering & Phillip Ellering

Best Family Film
A Kangaroo Like Alice
Directed By Kevin Baker

Best Children's Film
Golden Ears
Directed By Jonathan Rosen


Best Mountain Film
Voyage au bout de l'Hiver
Directed By Erik Lapied & Anne Lapied

Jury Prize
Documentary Competition
Finding Donn Fendler: Lost on a Mountain in Maine 72 Years Later
Directed By Derek Desmond & Ryan Cook
Best Documentary Director
Directed By Steve Bellamy

2012 Sir Edmund Hillary Award Winners

Action Sports Competition
Exploration Guyana - Charles Montier

Animated Competition

The Dream of Ore Magi - Evan Curtis

Documentary Competition
7 Years Underground: A 60's Tale - Jason M. Solomon
Everest The Promise - Dee Mclachlan
Living River - Vinit Parmar

Feature Competition
The Horror of Barnes Folly - Jonathan Rach

Mountain / Environmental Film Competition
Bon-Mustang to Menri - Tad Fettig
Carbon for Water - Evan Abramson & Carmen Elsa Lopez Abramson
Uncertain Ice - Cory Kelley

Music Video Competition
The Particles: Taken Away - Fred  Khoshtinat

Short Film Competition
After the Torment - Gerald Keyzer & Adam J. Boyer
First Descents - Michael Brown
Fractured Minds - Frank Battiston
FreeRider - Robert Chrestensen & Kathy Chrestensen
Mont Reve - Rocky Collins & Lynn von Kersting

Student Film Competition
Balance in Perspective - Annie Dietz
Dried Up Dance - Xinwei Zhu

2012 Sierra Nevada Award Winners

Documentary Competition
Journey of the Universe - David Kennard & Patsy Northcutt
The Sun Valley Story - David Butterfield
Wolves Unleashed - Andrew Simpson

Mountain / Environmental Competition
Above the Ashes - Michelle Carpenter
Dissolving Destinies - Carlene Strathmann & Brandon Strathmann

Short Film Competition
Abet - Jesse Garcia
El Hijo Del Mar - Roberto Aznar Almazan
No Experience Required - Christina Chowaniec
Spring Tide - Rich Press
The Last Wish - Michael Rossi

Student Competition
Downhill - Jason Latorre
Loose Ends - Kim Strobl

2012 Seven Summits Award Winners

Documentary Competition
Last Stand at Nymboida - Jeff Bird
New York Showcase - Albert Uria
The Ordinary Skier - Constantine Papanicolaou

Mountain / Environmental Competition
From Nomad to Nobody - Michael Buckley
Silhouette - Kamiran Betasi

Short Film Competition
Chainsaw Ballet - Denise Kenney
My Cowboy - Srikanth Appalaraju
Pushing Above the Highpoint - Ben Thomas
The Lucky One - Bala Balakrishnan
The Unforgettable Proposal - Mohammad Alkazemi
Undiscovered Winter - Stuart Fromm

Student Competition
Ecosystem - Michael Burke & Allen Murphy
My Mother - Sandra Seeling

2012 Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winners
1st Place: Cutthroat written by James Hsiao

2nd Place: The Unhappy Hour written by Lee Eide

3rd Place: Halfway Home written by David Schroeder

Official Finalists
Dam 999 written by Sohan Roy S. K.
Homunculus written by Austen Brauker
Out of the Wetlands written by Bruce Golde
Plume written by Teague Kennedy
The Journal written by Braide Keyland
The Princess Room written by Christina Kishpaugh
Tree-Hugger written by Carmelo Valone
Tusk written by Richard P. Rone