2011 Winners

Grand Jury Prize
Death by Medicine
Directed by Gary Null

Jury Prize
Action Sports Competition

Vundes van a Man
Directed by Raffaele Canepa


Jury Prize
Documentary Competition
Chasing Legends
Directed by Jason Berry

Jury Prize
Feature Film Competition
Race Across the Sky
Directed by Frank Matson

Jury Prize
Mountain Film Competition
Out of the Darkness
Directed by Stefano Levi

Best Director
Max Segal & Hugh Branard
In the Shadow of the Mounatin

Best Action Sports Film
Sailing with Altitude
Directed by
Randy & Lisa Shelton


Best Actor
Matthew Willson
Skinning the Cat

Best Actress
Suzie Kane
From Grace

Best Animated Comedy: Gerald's Last Day
Justin Rasch & Shel Rasch


Best Animated Film Countdown
Stephen Studyvin

Best Children's Film
Adam Fisher

Best Comedy
Cold Turkey
Gavin Keane

Best Romantic Comedy Strangers in the Snow
David Pring-Mill

Best Coming of Age Film Mzungo, White Wanderer Shana Gilbert


Best Crime Film
Michael Tanner Cusumano

Best Cultural Documentary
In the Shadow of Buddha Heather Kessinger

Best Documentary
Mark Goffman

Best Documentary Short
The Fall Line
Tyler Stableford

Best Drama
Ashley Scott & George Mays

Best Educational Film Shades of Green
Gavin Bagwandeen

Best Environmental Documentary
The Garbage of Jupiter Beach
Cyndi Lenz

Best Environmental Feature Haulin' Ass
Trevor Velin


Best Environmental Short
The Hump
Jon Casey


Best Experimental Film
Jason Filmore
Chiara Armentano

Best Experimental Short
Un Occhio Non Dimentica Giuseppe Chiesa

Best Fantasy
Surviving Hunger
Balgum Song


Best First Time Director
Attack of the Stobe Hobo
Jim Stobie

Best Foreign Film
The Stone: No Soul Unturned
Philip Gardiner

Best Foreign Short
Jennifer Li

Best Historical Film
The Story of the Pea Island Life Savers
Allan Smith


Best Humanitarian Film
Sit in the Snow
Raffaele Canepa

Best Ski Film
The Story
Steve Bellamy

Best Mockumentary
Summer Snapshot
Ian McCluskey

Best Mountain Film
Butterflies & Bulldozers
Ann Dunsky & Steve Dunsky


Best Music Video
The Bedroom Philosopher Craig Melville


Best Narrative
Good Versus Evil
Kim Sheridan

Best Screenplay
Deep Sleep
Alejandro Alvarez

Best Set Design
The Desperate
Ben Hur Sepehr
& Katherine Bulovic


Best Student Film
Rip Dreams
Nat Allister

Best Thriller Film
Not Worth A Bullet
Markus F. Adrian

2011 Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winners
1st Place - Saturn Returns written by Shawn Tolleson

2nd Place - Tropical written by Shanti Rajini

3rd Place - B. Bugeyes written by Marce Swing

4th Place - Gabriel's Flight written by Muriel Stockdale

5th Place - Life's Little Complications written by Julie Salle

6th Place - Let it Ride written by Aaron Steven

7th Place - Chances written by  Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt

8th Place - Deep Six written by Kurt Markus

9th Place - Private Equity written by Noga Brienes

10th Place - There are No Superheroes written by Benjamin Bates

Official Finalists
Beyond the Horizon written by George Ferris
Boonville Redemption written by Judy Belshe-Toernblom
Courting Death written by Heather Silvio
Kate written by Philip Sedgwick
LINKS: A Sports Spirit Quest written by Christopher Canole
Love and Fluids written by Benjamin Bates
Reaping Men written by Jim Powers
The Kiarsidia written by Bruce Golde
The Olive Branch written by Joey Kent
To a Dancing God written by Robert Horvath

Seven Summits Awards
A Coward Never Bled written by Eduardo A. Garcia
Black & White written by Frank Dambra
Leo written by Richard Rone
Teeners: Based On Actual Events written by Gregory Heitmann

Sierra Nevada Awards

Ausos written by Krishnamurthy Suresh
Blu Wolf written by Richard Rone       
Friends and Romans written by Gregg Greenberg
Walk on Water written by Keith Reagan

Sir Edmond Hillary Awards
According to the Surgeon General written by Benjamin Bates
Aspirin for the Masses written by Adam Nixon
Private View written by George Lomsky
Russell & Friends Against Fringy & Space Pirates written by Marce Swing
The Old Way written by Douglass Bourne   

2011 Sir Edmund Hillary Awards

Feature Film Competition
A Lonely Place For Dying - Justin Evans
Finding Sky - Emily Sandifer

Action Sports Film Competition

Beyond the Border (Riding Solo in Mexico) - Sterling Noren

Animated Film Competition
The Lift - Robert Kohr

Documentary Competition
The U Movie - Alexander Reid & Tommy Douglas

Mountain / Environmental Film Competition
Sick-Amour - Joel Tauber
Stepping into the Stream - Barbara Klutinis
The Natural State of America - Timothy Lucas Wistrand, Terrell Case & Corey Gattin

Music Video Competition
The Way We Are - John Kenney

Short Film Competition
After the Party - Charles Quinn Frutos
Calling on Others - Scott LeDuc & Andrew Matthews
El Catrin - Jesse Garcia
Quarters - Drew Mylrea
Thief, Interrupted - Daniel Conway

Student Film Competition
Operation Golden Eagle - Lukas Huffman
The New Burlesque - Adam Nixon &
Charlotte "Charlt" Yakovleff

2011 Sierra Nevada Awards

Feature Competition
Pics - Lera Mulina
Un-Human - Devon Gidley

Action Sports Competition
Out of the Shadows - Athan Merrick & Nicolas Teichrob

Documentary Competition
Destination 3 (Degrees) - Chris Aguilar
Through the Roof - Chris Theibert

Mountain / Environmental Competition
High Sierra - A Journey on the John Muir Trail - Peter Bell & Leon Godwin
Into Darkness - John Waller
Plight of the Earth Fairy - Kim Sheridan

Music Video Competition
Let Me In - Matthew Schutt

Short Film Competition
Bachar Yerian - Cole Gibson
Jim E. Drops The Big One - Kenneth Dolman
Leader of the Pack - Jason  Roberts
Return of the Gumshoe Kids - Christopher Good
Wid Winner & the Slipstream - Alex Gaynor

Student Film Competition
Gods and Rats - Patrick Downey
Love Falls - Marco Velez

2011 Seven Summits Awards

Feature Film Competition
Journey on the Wild Coast - Greg Chaney

Documentary Competition
Cangleska Wakan - Aitken Pearson

Mountain / Environmental Competition
Imiqutailaq: Path of the Arctic Tern - Geoff Green
The Real McCoys - Melissa Thompson
Wombat - Kevin Baker

Short Film Competition
Ash - Justin Oberman
My Apologies - Andreas Goldfuss
The Apprentice - Patrick Creamer
Three Days - Juliann Anderson
Viola Concerto - Jason Rose

Student Competition
11 Degrees - Anna Frances Ewert
Modern Ruins - Austin Keeling